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Have adequate writing and reading skills?

Have the ability to take a test?

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Student Agreements:

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E-Learning Student Instructions (ESL Students)

HS and GED Prep Students: E-Student Agreement

E-Learning Student Guide (HS, GED Prep students)

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  • Spring 2014:
    1/8/2014 - 4/28/2014

E-Learning Course Offerings

English As a Second Language(ESL)

Intermediate ESL Ms. Johnson

Advanced ESL Ms. Martinez

GED Prep  

Mrs. DiMartino

Mrs. Lyshon

Ms. Lewis

Mrs. Lenartiene

High School

Health Life Management   
(.5 credit)                       Ms. Pierce

Earth Space Science  IA   
(Mod 1-3, .5 credit)        Ms. Pierce

Earth Space Science  IB    
(Mod 4-6, .5 credit)        Ms. Pierce

Biology IA                            
(Module 1-4, .5 credit)  Ms. Pierce

Biology IB                        
(Module 5-8, .5 credit)  Ms. Pierce

Marine Science IA              
(Module 1-4, .5 credit)  Ms. Pierce

Marine Science IB              
(Module 5-8, .5 credit)  Ms. Pierce

(.5 credit)                        Ms. Smith

American Government 
(.5 credit)                        Ms. Smith

World History IA  
(Module 1-5, .5 credit) Ms. Smith 

World History IB            
(Module 6-10, .5 credit) Ms. Smith

US History IA 
(Module 1-5, .5 credit)   Ms. Smith

US History IB     
(Module 6-10, .5 credit) Ms. Smith

English IA                            
(Module 1-4, .5 credit)   Ms. Rorabaugh

English IB                             
(Module 5-8, .5 credit) Ms. Rorabaugh

English IIA                        
(Module 1-4, .5 credit) Mrs. Lenartiene

English IIB                       
(Module 5-8, .5 credit) Mrs. Lenartiene

English IIIA                          
(Module 1-4, .5 credit)  Ms. Rorabaugh

English IIIB                      
(Module 5-8, .5 credit)  Ms. Rorabaugh

English IVA                      
(Module 1-4, .5 credit)  Mr. Cameron

English IVB                     
(Module 5-10, .5 credit)  Mr. Cameron

Algebra IA                          
(Module 1-5, .5 credit)   Ms. Calfee

Algebra IB                          
(Module 5-10, .5 credit) Ms. Calfee

Algebra IIA                          
(Module 1-5, .5 credit)   Ms. Calfee

Algebra IIB                          
(Module 5-10, .5 credit) Ms. Calfee

Geometry IA                       
(Module 1-4, .5 credit) Ms. Calfee

Geometry IB                       
(Module 5-8, .5 credit) Ms. Calfee

Comp/College/Careers A 
(Module 1-5, .5 credit)     Mr. Sanchez

Comp/College/Careers B
(Module 6-9, .5 credit)      Mr. Sanchez


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